Penetration Grade Asphalt

Unioil Asphalt 60/70 is derived from the finest quality petroleum sources undergoing excellent refining process. It has excellent ductility features. It is recommended for most road paving applications such as:  expressways, highways, airport runways, roads and bridges. It is the main raw material for our cutback and emulsified asphalt. It conforms to ASTM D946-09 Standard specification for penetration-graded asphalt cement for use in pavement construction. It is available in bulk, ISO tanks or drums.

Cutback Asphalt

Unioil MC 70 is a medium-curing, cutback asphalt ideal for 1.) priming and tack coating 2.) prime sealing and 3.) spray sealing. It is suitable for low temperature asphalt maintenance applications. It may also be used in manufacturing pre-mix asphalt for patch repairs.  It is available in 190-kg drums.

Emulsified Tack Coat

Unioil SS-1 is an anionic, slow-setting, emulsified asphalt recommended as tack coat for patching, paving and coating processes.  It can protect newly paved asphalt from future wear and tear. It excellently performs as binders for seal coats in road construction and repair. It promotes adhesion of bituminous concrete products and coatings. It is available in 190-kg drums.