Unioil Releases Life Changing Hack In Becoming Environmentally Conscious

For responsible and environmentally conscious drivers, there is finally a better option when gassing up.

Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. offers a complete line of Euro5 standard fuels--from gasoline variants to its diesel--all of which significantly decrease emissions up to 77 percent. This makes Unioil’s specially formulated fuels the country’s cleanest range since 2017.

With its latest ad campaign, Unioil asks every Filipino to rethink their choice of fuels. Entitled ‘You Drive Change’ and created with ideas agency GIGIL, its message is simple: reducing environmental impact doesn’t call for grand gestures. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing the right fuel. 

The quirky commercial quickly went viral. It features a mockumentary about a man who collects his farts as a way to protect the environment. 

The moral of the story: let go of weird habits. With Unioil’s Euro5 certified range of fuels, every vehicle in the Philippines gets a cleaner engine, that gives out cleaner emissions, for a cleaner environment. 

Unioil has been working for a greener Philippines for years now. In 2018, Unioil was the first-ever Philippine fuel brand to install electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations in select stations. 


Unioil also does air-quality monitoring services in their busiest stations, and has been working to provide their daytime power with renewable energy.  

With Unioil, and the help of every Filipino who drives change, the Philippines can be on its way to a greener future.